Heel Balm

Product description:  Heel Balm

Volume: 75g

Heel balm hydrates rough, hard, dry and cracked feet, leaving them smooth and supple.

It is also very effective in preventing blisters and friction on hard areas of the feet and is recommended for use during exercising and when breaking in new shoes. Heel Balm is one of the most powerful footcare moisturizing systems available specially formulated to deal with unique characteristics of the skin on the foot(tough hardened skin). Penetrates deeply into the epidermis to moisturise soften and smooth  skin problems.

Manufacture origin: Australia



      Direction to Use

 1. Buffer off any callus and or dead skin cells before use for more effective absorption.

 2. Apply small portion of Heal balm and massage smoothly. Do not need to wear socks as it  absorbs

 3. Use it everyday! Not only moisturise your feet But also prevents callus to build up.