Coral Exfoliating Face Mask 50ml

Coral Exfoliating Face Mask

Coral Powder, Pearl Powder and Papaya Extract deeply nourishes skin.

Herb Green No.8

Extracts from 8 different herbs help protect the skin. Herbs’ natural, moisturizing quality keeps skin hydrated for long hours.

1. Soothing, moisturizing and Stabilizes Skin

2. Powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial effects, and excellent convergent effect.

3. Powerful astringent hemostatic, would healing and sebum control, and pore contraction effect.

4. Promotes healthy metabolism, promote blood circulation, cell regeneration effect Resurrection

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<Coral Powder>

Minerals from the Coral Powder eliminate any residual substances such as chlorine from tap water and diversify water into alkali, and are therefore suitable for use in very dry and very sensitive skin.

Corals collected from the deep, subtropical ocean is a natural porous ingredient with high air permeability, which effectively absorbs sebum and sweat, leaving skin soft and supple. In addition, coral is rich in marine calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc and other minerals that assist in making skin look and feel more youthful and radiant.


<Papaya Powder>

Papaya Powder known for its protein degradation ability improves skin texture through exfoliation of upper layers of dead skin. Papaya powder also contains various vitamins and nutrients that are effective in preventing skin from ageing.


<Pearl powder>

Pearl powder helps moisturize skin, prevent skin from ageing and inhance skin’s immune system by maintaining the acid level to its minimum. Not only that,

Pearl powder promotes blood circulation, cell regeneration and also has the ability to lighten pigmented areas. Pearl powder has whitening and cleansing action, making skin appear beautiful and clear.

<Direction to use>

Smooth an even layer of Coral exfoliating face mask avoiding eye area and leave to dry. After 10~15mins, cleanse with warm water.